Enter a world of positive vibrations and enlightenment.
Whether you are a crystal enthusiast or not, there is a piece here to suit you. These items are not only powerful tools to shift and protect energy but also serve as stunning home decor.

New Arrivals...

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Shop crystals via live sales

Bringing the personal touch to your crystal purchase. You get the chance see stunning new stock and some limited edition pieces in real time. Learn more in depth about each crystal and the unique energy each possesses. Join the Saint11Crystals community every Thursday at 7pm on our Facebook page.

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A collection of crystal pocket pals for your every need  


A collection of crystal spheres bringing a seamless flow of energy 

  • A little zen moment

    Create a space or spot that makes you smile. Every time you enter or pass the space feel your energy and vibe rise to one of positivity and light.

  • Pure white light

    Keep Clear Quartz close to keep your energy flow pure and smooth. Raise negative energy high to a more enlightened place with this beauty around.

  • You’re so golden

    Place Golden Healer crystals around your space to give yourself a reminder of your ability to heal and shine.
    You are a golden sunbeam.

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Carved Pieces

A stunning collection of high quality carved crystal pieces 

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