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Pink Halite Cluster #3

Pink Halite Cluster #3

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Benefits | Calming, cleansing, emotional healing

Chakra | Heart

Sign | Cancer, pisces

Weight | approx 250g

Pink Halite is a distinctive mineral formation found in ancient salt deposits. Its vibrant pink hue is attributed to the presence of minerals such as iron oxide and magnesium. These crystals typically take on delicate, cube-shaped structures and can vary in size.

Pink Halite is a beautiful choice when balance is needed for the mind, body, and spirit. Pink Halite possesses a calming and caring energy that can help in emotional healing. 

Also grounding and purifying Pink Halite has the ability to effectively cleanse and balance the aura and energy field. This crystal is commonly used for promoting relaxation, calmness, and serenity, making it ideal for meditation and stress relief. Moreover, Pink Halite is known to replenish energy and rejuvenate the aura, making it essential for times of depletion or low energy.

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