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Selenite Bracelet Wand | Small

Selenite Bracelet Wand | Small

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Benefits | Cleansing, purification, tranquility

Chakra | Crown

Sign | Taurus 

Affirmation | “ I release negative energy. I have a clear, calm mind and spirit. I am at one with myself and the universe.”

Weight | approx 700g (may vary slightly between wands)

Length | approx 10.5cm (may vary slightly between wands)

*Note | raw finish. 

Cleanse your mind, space and crystals with Selenite. 

This crystal is all about clearing, purification and bringing positive energy. Use your Selenite Wand to cleanse your crystal bracelets of any negative or heavy energy they have picked up along the way.

Selenite is also a great crystal to have around if you have a mental or emotional blockage that’s needs clearing, you need a boost of energy, want to connect with your spirit guides on a higher level or need to plug into the divine light it provides.

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