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Pocket Full Of Essentials

Pocket Full Of Essentials

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A combination of beautiful tumble stones to start you on your journey with crystals or to add to your existing collection. This is the perfect size to carry with you as a crystal armour where ever you go. 

Or give the gift of all the essentials to a loved one.

Essentials set includes -

Crystal pouch

Rose Quartz tumble - Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love and harmony encouraging unconditional love. It will work to promote love, self-love, friendship and inner feelings of peace. A very calming stone it is great to soothe emotions and heal matters related to the heart.

Tiger Eye tumble -  Tigers Eye is a beautiful protective and grounding stone bringing harmony and balance to you.

Amethyst tumble - Amethyst will create a shield of light around you, protecting your health and mental well being. A stone of spiritual healing and purification it will clear your energy of negativity and stress. Helps to calm allowing the body to heal and rest. The perfect aid for sleep so a great addition to the bed side table.

Smoky Quartz tumble - Release unwanted emotional fear and baggage by lifting negative thoughts and energies. 
A powerful protection stone Smoky Quartz will bring calm and release stress. 

Tourmalated Quartz tumble -  The combination of dark Tourmaline shards that offer protection and strength and Clear Quartz energy boosting is perfect for any room in the house or to hold and absorb the amazing energy.

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