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Sweet Dreams Set

Sweet Dreams Set

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Are those pesky bad dreams keeping you up at night? or maybe its a racing mind causing insomnia? or maybe its just a little hard to get to sleep and you need a little help?

Our Sweet Dreams Set includes a combination of our favourite stones to quiet the mind and relax the body to help you slip into a much needed restful nights sleep.


Contains :

1x Howlite tumble | soothing and calms a racing mind.

1x Lepidolite tumble | Brings serenity while working on emotional healing and gratitude.

1x Moonstone tumble | Brings a sense of peace to release tension and provides vivid dreams.

1x Rose Quartz tumble | Brings calming and love with its gentle healing energy.

1x Amethyst tumble | Helps to clear the mind and provide protection for a calming sleep.

1x Saint11crystals pouch.

1x Info card.

Optional - Agate Bowl | Provides a grounding spot to keep your crystals while you rest.


Each set will differ slightly from picture as these are natural products and will not always look the same in exact colour and shape. Each set will be intuitively chosen with love.

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