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Alligator Smokey Quartz Cluster on Stand

Alligator Smokey Quartz Cluster on Stand

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Smokey Quartz Cluster Number

Benefits | Grounding, protection, detoxifying 

Chakra | Root

Sign | Capricorn, Scorpio

Affirmation | " I release negative energy and i am secure and safe. I accept the earths energy of protection and bathe in her light. " 


Release unwanted emotional fear and baggage by lifting negative thoughts and energies with Smokey Quartz. If you struggle with anxiety, stress or find it hard to let go of negative thoughts, this is the stone for you. Smokey Quartz is like the Hoover of the crystal world and will quickly suck up any energy you don't want taking hold.

Because of its cleansing and detoxifying effects it is known as a master healer and is your personal warrior against panic attacks, emotional blow outs and will help you to release and heal emotional wounds and past trauma.

Smokey Quartz has powerful protection and grounding energies so can help clear the weeds even before they take root, by letting the light in and allowing beautiful blooms to rise and flourish instead.

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