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Rose Quartz Evil Eye Bracelet

Rose Quartz Evil Eye Bracelet

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Benefits | Love, compassion, calm, peace 

Chakra | Heart

Sign | Taurus 

Affirmation | “I am open to give and receive love. I feel peace in my heart and have a calm energy. I am enough.”

Bead Size | approx 8mm

Inner Diameter | approx 9cm

The evil eye is said to have been used to ward off harmful energies, it's a symbol of ancient and powerful protection. For centuries, the evil eye has been utilized as a potent method to safeguard against malevolent forces, making it an enduring emblem of unparalleled defense.

Rose Quartz will soothe emotions and bring understanding. The perfect stone to wash away toxic energy and negative self doubt.

With a gentle vibration and a lot of love to give she will bring inner feelings of peace and self-love but also help you to give love and compassion to those around you. This combo allows you to love freely without fear of negative energy polluting your space and heart.


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