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Raw Crystal Box

Raw Crystal Box

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A collection of 11 stunning raw crystals to start or add to a collection or what an amazing gift. 

Each box contains to following - 

Pink Opal : This is a beautiful stone that emanatescalming balancing energy, also great for insomnia 

Rose Quartz: The universal stone of love, Bringing Calm peace and harmony

Amethyst: The ultimate healing stone for mind body and soul

Black Obsidian:  A powerful protection stone from all forms of negative energy

Lemon Calcite: Bringing self confidence in order to remove self doubt

Green adventurine: A Happiness stone that Brings luck and courage

Peach Moonstone: The Ultimate emotional cleanser, Removing anger and stress

 Green Amethyst: (Prasiolite) The soft green colour of nature bringing growth stability and calm

 Fluorite: A spiritual connection stone Clearing the mind and bringing Harmony

Clear Quartz: The white light maker energizing any room and lifting spirits

As this is a naturally occurring gift from mother nature no two items will be the same but quality is assured.

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