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Prehnite Tumble
Prehnite Tumble

Prehnite Tumble

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Benefits | Healing, peace, harmony, love

Chakra | Heart, Sola Plexus

Sign | Libra, virgo, capricorn 

Affirmation | " I am calm and at one with nature. I can trust my heart and my gut instinct."


Feel the fresh vibes of Prehnite as it cleanses and brings you closer to nature. It will teach you to become one with nature and and the elemental forces. A stone of unconditional love it will unblock the heart chakra and help you to trust your intuition again.

Prehnite will calm the environment bringing a sense of peace and harmony to the mind and body. It will bring a certain feeling of preparedness so you are ready for any situation.


As this is a naturally occurring gift from mother nature no two items will be the same but quality is assured.