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Pistachio Calcite Point D

Pistachio Calcite Point D

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Benefits | Balance, cleanse, soothe, dream

Chakra | Heart

Sign | Virgo, Cancer

Affirmation | "I have a clear mind and i release fears and worries to focus on what is important to me."

Height | Approx 10cm

Pistachio Calcite is a powerful energy cleanser and is one of the most soothing stones when it come to emotions. Let it work its magic and clear out damaging thoughts and feelings so you can move forward with a clear mind and purpose.

Also a stone of communication it will help you to see situations from a new perspective with honesty and trust at the front of your mind.

A perfect match for any one who is taking on a new learning challenge, gaining new skills or starting a new hobby as it quiets the mind letting you focus on the task at hand with inspiration and creativity.

If you are feeling bogged down hold Pistachio Calcite close and let it take you away to a warmer place where the sand is white and the sun is shining. All fears and worries gone while you sip your favorite drink after a dip in the clear blue ocean.

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