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Petrified Wood Bowl

Petrified Wood Bowl

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Benefits | Grounding, transformation, wisdom

Chakra | Root, third eye

Sign | Virgo

Affirmation | " I am open and invite Mother Earths wisdom and grounding into my journey. Guide me to the highest good and to my best self." 

Weight | approx 1.72kg

Length | approx 20cm

A powerful stone of transformation and grounding in all aspects of our lives. Ensuring our feet are firmly planted on the ground and our heads held high. Petrified Wood can help in times of confusion and feeling stuck and will help to relax, let go of worry and enjoy the present moment.

The perfect companion when starting on a new journey or project this gentle stone will help to remind us patience is needed and a steady growth is often the best kind. A reminder to trust yourself and the universe and positive change will come with baby steps.

A stone that started as one thing and ended as another over millions of years of transformation Petrified Wood is a miracle bringing Mother Earth energy in abundance.

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