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Peach Adventurine Heart Worrystone

Peach Adventurine Heart Worrystone

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Benefits | Soothing, uplifting, abundance 

Peach Adventurine is a gentle energy to surround you with a calm and soothing energy. A stress and anxiety reliever it will help to dissolve negative and stagnant energy to leave you feeling lighter and more balanced.

A stunning crystal to boost your self-worth and attract abundance and good luck into your space, use this crystal to manifest brighter things.


To use, hold the stone between middle or index finger and thumb. Gently move your thumb back and forth across the stone. This repetitive movement becomes soothing and helps to focus thought in the right direction.

As this is a naturally occurring gift from mother nature no two items will be the same but quality is assured. Product may differ from picture and will be intuitively chosen for you with love.

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