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Kiwi Jasper Tumble

Kiwi Jasper Tumble

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Benefits | Nurture, balance, elevate

Chakra | heart

Sign | Aries, leo, sagittarius

Kiwi Jasper is the perfect stone to support us during times of stress and turmoil. Its energy is so tranquil, soothing and nurturing it will help you to feel relaxed and at ease. It helps to elevate a negative state of mind and will help to lift your mood and spirits, creating a sense of inner harmony and balance. Kiwi Jasper is extremely helpful for those suffering from addictive or compulsive behavior as it will bring emotional strength and a gentle energy necessary to face those habits and begin the healing process towards recovery. Its ability to absorb negative energies allows only positive light to shine upon our soul.

Fun fact - Kiwi jasper actually not a jasper but a pegmatite with a unique combination of black tourmaline, amazonite and rock crystal.  It comes from New Zealand and was found there in 2014.

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