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Kids Bracelet Set | Amethyst & Golden Healer

Kids Bracelet Set | Amethyst & Golden Healer

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Benefits | Master Healing, calming, protection

Chakra Crown, solar plexus, sacral

Signs | Aquarius, pisces, 

Affirmation | “I am calm, peaceful and protected. I am open for healing in mind, body and soul.”

Bead Size | approx 4mm

Bracelet Size |  approx 14cm 

Like a ray of golden summer sunshine these 2 exude warmth and radiance and will help to uplift your spirit.

The ultimate healing and protective combo, these two powerhouse crystals will create a shield of golden light around you, protecting from negative energies wanting to break through. A combo of spiritual healing and purification they will help to clear your energy of negativity and stress. Helps to calm allowing the body to heal and rest. 

The perfect way for your little one to carry the crystal energy with them.





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