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Green Apophyllite | Stilbite Specimen A

Green Apophyllite | Stilbite Specimen A

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Benefits | Self discovery + growth, peace, intuition, dream work. 

Chakra | Crown , Third Eye, Heart

Signs | Libra , Gemini 

Affirmation | “ I am in perfect balance with the earth, and feel at peace. “

Strengthen your intuition and promote clear thinking. With this precious stone you are inviting peace into your space and your soul. cleansing and clearing the space and fields it is in Apophyllite perfect for livings spaces, bedrooms and areas of meditation. Bringing a sense of calm to any fears, stresses and anxieties you may be experiencing, this is a truly joyful crystal.

A perfect stone for meditation to gently relax and open the mind to higher dimension and clarity. Encouraging deeper spiritual connections and helping to connect you to your spirit guides and angels, enhancing intuition and making your senses sharper and clearer.

With the addition of a gentle, quiet energy of Stilbite this is such a dreamy combo. Bringing peace of mind and a supportive sense of compassion and self love.

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