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Flower Agate Flower #1

Flower Agate Flower #1

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Benefits | Healing, renewal, new beginnings, purpose 

Chakra | Heart, root

Sign | Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer

Affirmation | " I feel fresh and strong in my power and welcome positive change and new opportunity." 

Flower Agate is a joyful stone and will aid in manifesting & nurturing your dreams. It will help you to grow and blossom to reach your full potential.

A stone of new beginnings and growth Flower Agate will be there for you when embarking on a new adventure and help to eliminate self-doubt. It is a great stone to have near when entering a new phase of life as it will serve as a reminder that abundance, happiness and self trust lay ahead.

Think of spring time when all is anew again. Flowers bloom, little lambs are coming into the world, the trees are once again beginning to show green. A time to refresh and let go of the past and look ahead to new opportunity and a renewal of energy. Flower Agate is all of that in essence.  

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