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Fire Quartz Tumble

Fire Quartz Tumble

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Benefits | Balance, new beginnings, self-esteem, grounding

Chakra | Root

Sign | Scorpio

Affirmation | "I am worthy and my thoughts are clear. I am balanced in the earths energy."

Also known as Red Hematoid Quartz this is a beautiful stone for mind body and spirit bringing balance and understanding to emotions. It will help you to work though feelings and understand them as they are rather than push them aside and have them bubble over into something different. It will help you have conscious response to the way you are feeling.

Fire Quartz will bring clarity to your day and through the powers of the Quartz included you will feel a positive white light energy to give you a lift and help assist when self worth and self esteem are lacking. 


As this is a naturally occurring gift from mother nature no two items will be the same but quality is assured.

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