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Chakra Kit

Chakra Kit

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The Chakra Kit has all the crystals to clear each chakra of blockages and aid energy flow around the emotional and physical body.

Inside us there are 7 energy centres called chakras which follow the spine from base to the crown of your head. Each Chakra holds the essence of mind and body balance. When working on healing the chakras you have the power to balance your energy and heal physical stress and emotional strains.


Kit Contains

Crown Chakra | Clear Quartz  | Amplification, clarity, perspective

Third Eye Chakra | Amethyst | Healing, calming, clear mind, protection

Throat Chakra | Lapis Lazuli | Communication, truth, intuition

Heart Chakra | Green Adventurine | Optimism, joy, prosperity

Solar Plexus Chakra | Carnelian | Courage, protection, motivation, confidence

Sacral Chakra | Red Jasper | Grounding, emotional balance, courage

Root Chakra | Tiger Eye | Stabilising, courage, secure

Selenite Charging Rod | Cleansing, purification, tranquility

Keep your crystals charged and free of negative energy with selenite. Place them on top and let Selenite o the work for you.

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