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Caramel Calcite Point

Caramel Calcite Point

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Benefits | Empowerment, motivation, courage

Chakra | Solar plexus, Third Eye

Sign | Cancer

Affirmation | " I stand strong in my power and use it for positive growth. I am a shining star ready to light my world." 

Height | Approx 8cm

A stone of personal power and manifestation this baby will help you on your journey to reach your goals and dreams.  It will help call in feelings of self-confidence and self-worth giving you a reminder you are a bright shining star.

Also a stone of grounding it will help to stabilize feelings and give courage to step forward into the light without fear and doubt.

Caramel Calcite will help you to see clearly trying situations and help you to recover from hardships of the past and bring you to a higher vibration.

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