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Bracelet Set | Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz

Bracelet Set | Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz

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Benefits | Love, calm, peace, clarity 

Chakra | Heart, third eye

Sign | Taurus, Aries, Pisces 

Affirmation | “I am open to give and receive love. I feel peace in my heart and have a calm energy. I am enough.”

Bead Size | Approx 4mm

Inner diameter | Approx 8.5cm

A beautiful calming combo will soothe emotions and bring understanding. The perfect set to wash away toxic energy and negative self doubt. With a gentle vibration and a lot of love to give she will bring inner feelings of peace, self-worth and self-love but also help you to give love and compassion to those around you. 

This set will also help bring a sense of clarity and keep energy flow smooth through he heart space. A beautiful provider of liquid love and light these 2 beauties will help you to reach inside and realize your stunning worth.

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