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Moss Agate Faceted Bracelet

Moss Agate Faceted Bracelet

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Benefits | Balance, wisdom, connection to Mother Nature 

Chakra | Heart

Sign | Gemini

Affirmation | “I am nourished by mother natures wisdom. I walk a clear path that is balanced and my own.”

Bead Size| approx 8mm

Diameter | approx 8cm

Green Moss Agate has a strong connection to nature and brings with it a piece of her wisdom. It will give you a keen perception and sharper focus to make sense of the world around you.

A grounding stone it will help to balance emotion, aid in self expression and enhance communication as it dilutes the stress and mess of everyday trials. 

The perfect stone to keep near when embarking on a new journey as its stabilizing effect will help smooth transitions and inspire hope and trust as you take charge of your life.

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