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Obsidian, Evil Eye Protection Bracelet

Obsidian, Evil Eye Protection Bracelet

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Benefits | Protection, grounding, stability

Chakra | Root

Sign | Sagitarius, scorpio

Affirmation | "I am kept safe from negative energy and am stable no matter what comes my way."

Bead Size | approx 8mm

Inner Diameter | approx 9cm 

The evil eye is said to have been used to ward off harmful energies, it's a symbol of ancient and powerful protection. For centuries, the evil eye has been utilized as a potent method to safeguard against malevolent forces, making it an enduring emblem of unparalleled defense.

With Black Obsidian in combination as a powerful protector and the ability to deflect negative energy as well as release any excess negativity you may be carrying. this is a powerful duo to assist in giving you the extra energy you need to put excess emotional debris behind you and keep it there. 

The ultimate in spiritual and emotional protection. Negativity be gone!

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