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Blue Chalcedony Sphere

Blue Chalcedony Sphere

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Benefits | Peace, truth, calm, nurturing 

Chakra | Throat

Sign | Gemini

Affirmation | “ I am calm and at peace within myself. The words I speak come at the right time and are aligned with truth and harmony.” 

Weight | approx 391g

Diameter | approx 6cm

A gentle calming stone Chalcedony will bring a sense of nurturing, stillness and peace. 
Known for its ability to soothe it will allow you to release stress and balance emotions in mind, body and spirit.

Also known as the speaker’s stone it is helpful in situations where you may need to measure your words or on the other hand where you may need to speak up. Encouraging reflection it is a great stone to bring peaceful resolutions to conflicts.

Blue Chalcedony is a beautiful stone of generosity and positivity and will absorb negativity to bring harmony.

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