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Blue Calcite Mushroom

Blue Calcite Mushroom

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Benefits | Optimism, communication, calming, release

Sign | Cancer, pisces

Chakra | Throat

Affirmation | "I release anxiety and negativity. I am at ease with a calm mind." 

Blue Calcite is a gentle soothing stone to balance the emotional body. It will help you release any built up stress and anxiety by melting it all away for a peaceful mind.

Also a beautiful stone of communication Blue Calcite will help you to see both sides of a story and to communicate with ease and and grace when there are two opposing views.

When needing rest this is the perfect companion to help you relax and clam frayed nerves. 


As this is a naturally occurring gift from mother nature no two items will be the same but quality is assured. Intuitively chosen for you with love.



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