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Black Sphalerite With Calcite Inclusion Point B

Black Sphalerite With Calcite Inclusion Point B

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Benefits | Grounding, perspective, protection

Chakra | Root, sacral, solar plexus

Affirmation | “I am grounded in my positive thoughts and feel earths energy protect me.“

Weight | approx  307g

Height | approx 10.5cm

Black Sphalerite is a stone of spiritual grounding and helps you to draw energy up from the earth in an even flow through the body. It will help enhance your physical energy and vitality while remaining g grounded and stable. 

Also a protective stone Sphalerite will keep your energy on an even keel and keep negativity from creeping in. It strengthens your defenses and helps you to see clearly the situation at hand giving you a true perspective. 

With the inclusion of Mercedes Calcite you get an extra boost of self empowerment and motivation to take each step forward with confidence and trust in yourself.

A powerful combo.

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