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Brazilian Amethyst Cave With Sugar Calcite Inclusion

Brazilian Amethyst Cave With Sugar Calcite Inclusion

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Benefits | Healing, calming, purification, protection

Chakra Crown

Signs | Aquarius, pisces 

Affirmation | “I am calm, peaceful and protected. I am open for healing in mind, body and soul.”

Weight | approx 5kg

Height | approx 18.5cm (including stand)

Depth | approx 21cm

Width | approx 20cm

The ultimate healing and protective stone.

Amethyst will create a shield of light around you, protecting your health and mental well being. A stone of spiritual healing and purification it will clear your energy of negativity and stress.

Helps to calm allowing the body to heal and rest. The perfect aid for sleep so a great addition to the bed side table.

The Sugar Calcite is a fantastic inclusion in this cave. Such a delicate tooth covered in sugar crystals.


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