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A Pocket Full Of New Beginnings

A Pocket Full Of New Beginnings

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Change is hard to avoid, there are so many seasons to life and they seem to come in their own time whether we are ready or not. With that in mind the Pocket Full Of New Beginnings was created. 

Generally when there is change it signals the start of a new chapter, a new beginning. While sometimes these can be exciting, sometimes it can also be a little scary. We have chosen this combination to support you through times of transition by offering stability, balance, perspective and the ability to use your own intuition with confidence. 



Labradorite | Intuition, transformation, strength

Flower Agate | Renewal, purpose, new beginnings

Moss Agate | Balance, wisdom, stabilising

Clear Quartz | Amplification, clarity, perspective


As this is a naturally occurring gift from mother nature no two items will be the same but quality is assured. Product may differ from picture slightly in colour and size but will be intuitively chosen for you with love.

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