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A Pocket Full Of Balance

A Pocket Full Of Balance

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Balance is one thing we could do with a little more of. With that in mind the Balance pocket was created. This is a set ready to help you keep the balance on the emotional rollercoaster called life.

Things are always coming at us from left and right and sometimes it feels a bit like a whirlwind, keep our balance set close by for a litte reprieve. Designed to help you to stay focused, grounded, present and a little less stressed this will soon become your best buddie.



Fluorite | Stabilising, focus, de-stress

Selenite | Cleansing, purification, tranquility

Lepidolite | Emotional healing, nurturing, balance

Red Jasper | Grounding, emotional balance, courage


As this is a naturally occurring gift from mother nature no two items will be the same but quality is assured. Product may differ from picture slightly in colour and size but will be intuitively chosen for you with love.

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