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Tiger Eye Chip/Resin Ghost

Tiger Eye Chip/Resin Ghost

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Benefits | Courage, strength, grounding, confidence 

Chakra | Solar, sacral

Sign | Capricorn, leo

Affirmation | “I am confident in my personal power and embrace my dreams with a clear mind and the determination of a tiger.”

Height | approx 11.5cm


Tiger Eye helps to balance toxic energy by grounding thoughts and bringing mental clarity. By aiding in the release of stress and anxiety it will bring peace and harmony to mind and spirit. 

With the strength of Tiger Eye you will see clearly the path you wish to take and possess the will power and confidence to capture it with determination, integrity and practicality.It allows you to step into your personal power and take action towards your dreams and desires with out self-doubt and negativity.


Ghost contains Tiger Eye chip in resin mould.

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