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Pyrite Bracelet

Pyrite Bracelet

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Benefits | Prosperity, abundance, passion, confidence

Chakra | Solar

Sign | Leo

Affirmation | " I am confident in my ability and am ready to step into my positive, abundant life."

Bead Size | approx 8mm

Inner Diameter | approx 8cm

Pyrite is a stone of strength, energy, willpower, passion and confidence. This is the stone you need by your side if you are striving for that next level in what ever you are doing. It will give an extra boost on your way to reach your dreams and aspirations. 

As a grounding and protection stone Pyrite also has the ability to dissolve negative thinking and mind chatter coming from with in but will also help you block out any nay sayers in your space. It will help to keep you calm and guide you to take action when needed with a clear purpose and passio

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