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Brazilian Pink Amethyst Slab - Large

Brazilian Pink Amethyst Slab - Large

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Benefits | Love, joy, healing

Chakra | Crown, third eye, heart

Sign | Capricorn, cancer, pisces

Weight | without stand approx 2.3kg | with stand approx 2.8kg

Height | without stand approx 36cm | with stand approx 44cm 

Width | approx 18cm - 20cm

Note | This beauty has an extra feature of a rare Druzy flower Bloom. Just stunning.

Pink Amethyst is a stone of love and healing. 

Let the gentle energy wash over you to increase understanding, self love,  emotional balance and a feeling of warmth and heightened intuition.

Such a beautiful stone to have in your sacred area whether that be your bedroom or safe space of meditation.

 Transform any space with this gentle loving gift from Mother Earth.

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