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Kambaba Jasper Sphere

Kambaba Jasper Sphere

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Benefits | Calming, wisdom, courage

Chakra | heart

Sign | Scorpio

Affirmation | " I stand string in my spirit and welcome the earths wisdom to guide me on my spiritual journey."

Weight | approx 476gg

Diameter | approx 6.3

A funny little side note  - Kambaba Jasper is not a Jasper at all! got you going now don't we! This beauty is actually a fossil. A primordial fossil form of blue green algae so with it comes an abundance of wisdom and all know universe energy. Billions of years old some say it had a hand in the creation of earths oxygen. Is you mind totally blown. Mine was. 

On top of that Kambaba Jasper is a nourishing stone of peace and harmony and will help calm, relax and sooth mind body and spirit. A marvelous companion during meditation it will help release negative thoughts and feelings and bring focus.

Deeply connected to the earth this stone holds natural wisdom giving strength and encouragement on your spiritual journey.

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