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Green Fluorite Sphere A

Green Fluorite Sphere A

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Bennifits | Cleanse, focus, de-stress, 

Chakra | Heart, Third Eye

Sign | Capricorn, Pisces

Affirmation " I let go of negative energy and my mind is clear, I am at peace."

Weight | Approx 757g

Diameter | Approx 7cm


A beautiful cleansing stone Fluorite will increase focus, bring clarity and remove emotional fog from your mind and space bringing a fresh feeling of renewal. We like to call it the ultimate emotional vacuum cleaner!

Fluorite's ability to remove mental blockages and enhance concertration makes it the perfect companion for any student or someone in a learning environment. Also a great way to combat the 3pm brain fade we have all experienced from time to time. 

This special pieces also includes some dendrites (plant mateiral) for an extra connection to mother earth for grounding and protection.



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