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Cleanse + Purify Trio
Cleanse + Purify Trio
Cleanse + Purify Trio
Cleanse + Purify Trio
Cleanse + Purify Trio

Cleanse + Purify Trio

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A stunning trio hand selected to keep you and your space cleansed, purified and protected.

Jade will bring good fortune, optimism and abundance to your space while Selenite will work to purify and cleanse your space and other crystals in your collection.

The White Sage smudge stick combined with a raw shard of Smokey Quartz can be used to cleanse and protect your environment, your aura and also your crystals.


Trio Includes -

1X Green Jade bowl

1X White Sage Smudge with Smokey Quartz

1X Mini Selenite Stick


To use your Sage Smudge - 

Light your smudge over the Jade dish, once it is lit make sure to blow out any flame so you are left with a soft smoulder and smoke ( not a large cloud of smoke, just a baby one is needed )

Slowly fan the stick over the crystals you wish to cleanse letting the smoke fall across the crystals to cleanse out any old or negative energies that have been absorbed.
To cleanse a space/home open windows and doors and fan the smoke through your space in a clockwise direction letting any negative energy escape. Be sure to get into the hard to reach areas like corners and behind doors. 

If you wish to leave your Smudge smouldering make sure you stick around to keep an eye on it, it should never be left alone to smoulder.